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Business performance
creating creative dives
in an atmosphere of trust and development


These are in a special way directed events , which leave the sensations, experiences, emotions that you need from employees.
This is a work at the level of meanings and values that inevitably transforms the behavior of employees.
After Business Performance, employees begin to understand what what is really important for you.
For what?
- Refinement and separation of common values and meanings.
- The development of emotional intelligence.
- The development of true command and loyalty.
What is the atmosphere in your company?
Are people really involved, trusting each other and creating non-trivial solutions? Or rather, work formally and rent themselves out?
How to help them realize their potential and achieve outstanding results together?

When is VOZDUKH needed?

- When you need to make the corporate culture live in the company
- When companies are going to change and they need to train employees and show them new horizons
- When you want to conduct in-depth diagnostics of the situation in the company

We work on the principle
"We hear you,
we create for you "

HR projects aimed at company employees 85%
Marketing projects aimed at customers of the company 67%
Social projects in partnership with organizations 47%



Expectations and vision of the result
First, we meet with the customer, clarify and coordinate his expectations and vision of the result: what changes should occur and how people should begin to act in a new way.
Analysis of the situation
Then we analyze the situation in the company in partnership. Our task is to show maximum empathy, to experience the situation in the company on behalf of an employee or client.
Key experience
When the image has taken shape, a key experience is determined and agreed upon, to which future participants in the performance must be brought in order to initiate the changes.


Means of expression
After that we become engineers of artistic experience. We need to find suitable means of expression that will surely lead the participant to this experience.
Directing of the event
When solutions are found, we proceed to directing the event itself. We are preparing an art action "turnkey" and think through every little thing.
Business performance
Finally, the company conducts a business performance. A unique, orchestrated event that transforms how employees look at things. The changes will begin the next day, but ...
Escort after the event
Equally important is the post-event tracking phase. Traditional educational formats are suitable for this, but corporate artifacts, rituals and practices can also be created. We can transfer the technology of such events inside the company.

VOZDUKH (tm) business performances is a unique space, comfortable and safe, where people begin to trust each other, feel support, receive the most delicate and careful feedback, discover hidden reserves, get new and bright experience and deeply relive it.

Case examples

Partners and

We worked in dozens of different countries, got acquainted with different cultures and collected a huge baggage of techniques and formats so that people could feel what is really important to your business.

Who creates

The VOZDUKH Center team consists of 24 people: directors, performers, musicians, psychologists, business practitioners.

Conducted workshops and performances in 17 countries: Canada, USA, Singapore, Israel, India, Switzerland, France, Mexico and others.

Egor Utkin

Producer, CEO.
An expert in the field of international project management, creative industries. Professional dancer.

Olga Sanachina

Artistic director
An expert in the field of business training. Psychologist. Accredited trainer in the Playback-theater. Master of Sports in gymnastics.

Yana Pavlova

Director of Development
Project management business training. Executive coach on the method of modeling skill Jan Ardui, Belgium. Member of the Alumni community Skolkovo.

Lilya Chesnova

Project manager
Manager of All-Russian projects, performer-programmer

Katrina Menshikova

Director of business performances
Dance movement therapist. A trainer and facilitator in the approach of embodiment. Traveler and organizer of inspirational travel.

Marina Pashieva

Author of programs, trainer
Certified sound therapist. Certified Voice Instructor

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