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Beyond Words. World tour

About the project

The performance was played in 12 countries: USA, Canada, Mexico, India, Israel, Switzerland and many others. Come to the immersive show, where, if you wish, you can share your story and see how it comes to life on the stage, through the plastic game of performers – the performance is played in the format of a plastic playback of the theater. The program has live music.

What will happen is not a dance, it’s not a theater. This is the answer of the body language to what is told in the language of words. Dance and musical improvisation on your stories

We refuse.
We refuse words because we want to live how we feel, we move how we feel and to be understood at the same time.
What is left for us? What is left for us if we renounce the language of words?
Language of the body.
And the language of the movement.

We constantly say something to each other, we have so many words for this.
​What do we want to say?
And what do the spoken words say?
Do we often say one thing, but understand something else?
How not to get confused in the meanings and meanings of what was said?
They grab you and force you to play only by their own rules.