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Event-performance “Paint of stories”

About the project

“Paints of stories” is a short-term performance, a unique decoration of the event, which combines:
– interactive interaction with participants of the event;
– musical and plastic embodiment of stories, associations, metaphors of all participants on the theme of the event / set theme;
– participants’ view of the whole time of the performance.

Duration: 45 minutes
Number of participants: from 20 to 250 people
Performers: dancers, performers, illustrator, team of musicians, presenter.

Start: Dance free ritual of the beginning of performance. Prepares under the theme of the event.
The main content: The presenter interacts with the audience and collects their impressions on the events, associations, metaphors, stories and sets the creative task of the performers. 3 plastic sketches. A plasticization of improvisation: the creation of a plastic image combined with an expressive painting on a huge white canvas, where the picture written by Lamy performers based on the stories of the audience.