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About the project

The basis of the bodily spectacle-improvisation “Naked” is based on our ideas about the complexity of naked, naked not so much physically as mentally.
How difficult is it to be real, without masks and artificiality? How hard is it to be yourself?

The birth of the performance took place thanks to 13 brave people who decided to share breakfast with Olga Sanachina, the author of the performance, and on 12 “bare breakfasts” and 1 lunch to discuss what for everyone stands for the word “Naked”.

Each meeting left its mark on the soul and influenced the creation of the idea of the performance. In the performance we somewhat retreat from the format of interaction with the audience that is usual for our spectators, but we remain true to our traditions of improvisation on the stage.

“NAKED” has a common outline, but there is not one single end. The story will be woven before your eyes, thanks to the actors, their personal living of the performance and live music.

Whole. Separate. The exiled. Naked.
Fear and confluence. Naked. Naked.
The inevitability of vulnerability. Escape. Eternal search.

PROJECT AUTHOR: Olga Sanachina
Age restriction 18+