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About the project

How we can be citizens of the world and support each other in these times of change?
Dance and musical improvisation on your stories.

The basis of the “Times of Change” project is our research on changes in social, political, economic, and climatic changes.

This project is a series of performance-performances about how we exist in changes, whether we can somehow influence them or we are powerless, how to be an agent of change in the modern world, the big city and where I am in it.

There are a lot of changes happening in our world – climate change, political and economic instability, and global upheaval – which effect our lives. Through this performance, we want to build strength by coming together and engaging in dialogue and art. We imagine building a bridge of peace across the world.

We started this project at the Rosendale Theatre, NY and then we did a performances in Serbia, Hungary, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Russia. The last performance we played in New York City! And we are looking forward to discovering the topic of CHANGE in other countries.

​Our performance includes the connection of plastic improvisation with real life. Personal stories, which can be emotions, memories, occasions, dreams, experience and opinions about certain issues, all of these elements become live on stage in the form of plastic improvisation.

Contribution of dozens of people
47 interviewees from 10 countries,
5 video decoders,
66 people who supported us financially on and many, many more indifferent people prompted us to continue the project.

Is it times of change? Will something change after it?
Our life is full of changes and stability at the same time. Changes are stability But some of them we are ready to accept, some not, we stay against some changes, we ignore some. Any our decisions live in our body after it and talk with you and others.