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Corporate performance “Beyond Words”

About the project

As part of a two-day departure of the company’s employees to the Corporate University of Sberbank, we conducted a performance and a “dance jam” for employees and their children. On the last evening, we gathered everyone in the backstage setting, in the atmosphere of the play of light and live music, where the leader of the performance began to communicate with the participants, to ask questions about the knowledge and experience gained from this departure.

Employees shared their thoughts, states, experiences, after which the stories of the participants improvised were embodied and lived on the stage through plastic dance by performers and musicians. After the performance, leading in game formats involved the participants in free movement.

The performance turned into a “dance jam”, where children and adults danced together accompanied by performers. As a result, participants were able to complete and analyze the experience of the trip in an unusual format and, most importantly, experienced a genuine feeling of connection, family, unity with their own and “corporate family” .