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VOZDUKH School -
is the space
for free movement

Weekly courses in Moscow

Two-month authoring programs for working with the body

International workshops

Organization of thematic workshops for various target audiences


Organization of thematic performances and workshops in various countries

Creative space

Which allows the student to travel from his own head to the sensation of the body, feel every vertebra and every muscle, find a connection with himself and speak in body language.
VZDKH.I'mna.m-43 копия
In the classroom, we use the new Air Method, which includes contact improvisation, jumping, falling, dancing orchestra, attention to the impulses that occur in the body, and the ability to let them out.

As a result of the training, you will:

Pump your awareness
Feel the flow of energy
Increase your own happiness index
Get new creative experience
Start enjoying life again

VOZDUKH School in numbers:

250 +
school graduates
years since the start
countries where workshops and classes were held

The main principles of the school:

Surprise yourself

As a child who knows the world, which has no prejudices and norms imposed by society.

Do not look for the right move

Act without any assessment of yourself and others. Without the inclusion of rational intelligence.

Be authentic

Do not try to please anyone, do not try to be unique. Every person is unique. And it must be taken for granted.


Any action, any task should please and allow to develop. If you are not ready for this or you don’t see any pleasure for yourself in this case, feel free to look for another.

Take care of yourself and others

Both physically and emotionally.


Warm up

Warming up the body | mood here and now | co-tuning with participants


fitness and pilates exercises | basic workout elements


base floor | jumps | falls | swings | dance tangles

Work with image + technique

use of the studied technology when working with the image / sensations / emotions / stories


dance improvisation | feedback from participants

Have a

Contact us
We are opened to projects, partnerships and collaborations.


Is there enough space in the hall?

Of course! The area of the usual hall is about 120 square meters. Usually its a beautiful space with panoramic windows to the floor is further developed by creative thinking =)

How to build a usual lesson? 3 hours look very scary.

The average structure of the lesson looks like this: warming up the body (yoga, qigong), studying dance techniques (stalls), shifting techniques to work with the image. Then a break after which comes the performative part, where we study body language, work with the image, improvise.

How many people are in a group?

From 12 to 15 people. Depending on the request for a specific workshop, the number of participants can increase up to 100 people.

I never danced. And if I can not do it?

One of the principles of the School is that there is no right or wrong movement. Each participant is unique, each has its own movement, opportunities. We create a platform where everyone can realize himself as he wants.

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