VOZDUKH Center. Premiers in Berlin

This autumn in Berlin is going to happen two Premier actions from VOZDUKH Center. It is a unique project that was created at the border of times when humanity poses the important questions of mindfulness and a new place of a human in the world with much more responsibilities, discovering new forms of interaction with each other, with the environment for evolution in harmony. Each place for the performers is a new scene for solving some particular questions and the mission that’s going to be completed during the investigation process with further transformation about the topic that’s in the Air (in Vozdukh - from Rus.) It’s a new kind of body diplomacy through Art process and this method is a sort of new intercultural communicational approach in the time of changes when lots of questions are difficult for solutions. VOZDUKH is also proposing to investigate a tool of body language for personal self-discovery when the words are worthless.

More info: https://www.arttet.com/vozdukh