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DANCING IN THE DARK. Jam with closed eyes

Sometimes in any, even the most "free" dances, even the most liberated people flash the thought "what do I look like now"?

We invite you to a space without observers and evaluation - to dance with your eyes closed.

The Air Workshop performers will do a short warm-up, help you move from open to closed eyes, and dance with you, creating and maintaining a safe and trusting space, as always in our classes. The rest is your exploration of yourself, letting yourself know what others will "see" in you when they can't see you with their eyes.
"The "blindfold" feature sharpens perception! It is not clear who, where, what is happening. Expecting the unusual."

"Darkness, space, music, loose clothing and a tight bandage on my eyes. There are many different strangers around, also in bandages. Sensations in the body, touch, movements are torn from the inside, flight, beauty and the body moves as if by itself. I look at myself from the side and at the same time I feel inside the body: high! Hands are hot. Dance with small wet palms, and now hands with narrow long fingers, and dry skin. But male hands pull and direct bend the body and circle. Laughter. Whose hands are these? You don’t know and this is the most beautiful. And again the music and the body wriggles because no one is watching. Only you are the music of space. And now the hands with sharp nails, and then more hands and more dance and movements. All the music subsides. What do you want to do now? Lie down, it's so Fine."

"The opportunity to be yourself as much as possible in the dance, without being shy and thinking about how it looks from the outside. Thank you very much, this is an unforgettable experience!!!"

"It was interesting to watch my processes, what happens and how I react to a partner when someone leaves or finds you."
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