Online course "More Air"
A new movement method
A 5 lesson program that develops possibilities of our body, movement palette, unlocks creativity and improves our self empathy and energy for life

Self- study process: lessons are completed in your time, and at your own pace.

Self- study process: lessons are completed in your time, and at your own pace.

5 video modules.
6 tasks.
5 bonuses (collections of books, films, music, etc.)

Solo and Solo Connect


Solo: 30 Euros
Solo Connect: 75 Euros
The course is suitable if you:
- feel emotional and bodily tension;
- not ready to go to the gym for group classes;
- feel stiffness in the body;
- want to better understand your emotions;
- want to try something new for yourself;
- want more movement, energy, creativity.
How can this course help?
  • Energize and tone
    From 15 minutes a day, together with the trainer, you will go through a cycle of classes from warm-up to free dance.
  • Minimizes anxiety
    Every day we are overtaken by circumstances that provoke stress and cause anxiety. Physical exercise and performative practices are some of the best techniques that will help to cope with this problem.
  • Unlock creativity
    Our classes provoke students to discover a creative approach to familiar things and events.
  • Develops empathy
    Exploring your condition and your emotions will allow you to be more attentive to the emotions of another person.
  • Meet new friends
    We are all: an air center team, an air school and, of course, all students - a huge community of friends that everyone can become a part of.
  • Improve working capacity
    It's no secret that physical and creative exercises improve the quality of the brain, your employer will be pleased with you, and the business will take off.
In the era of the digital society, IQ is fading into the background due to the fact that technological progress introduces artificial intelligence and automates processes, replacing humans with machines.

Therefore, today a person needs to develop emotional and body intelligence for personal effectiveness in a new technological environment.

About the program
The entire school program is based on working with emotions and conditions that will be lived through technique, improvisation and performance.

5 days of the program - 5 different emotions:
interest | care | fear | tenderness | victory

Our classes will turn your home into a creative space and allow you to embark on a journey from your own head to the sensation of a body, to feel every vertebra and every muscle, find a connection with yourself and speak in body language.

All course options run for 1 week, but have 30 days access to course material.
  • Nastya Vorobyova
    Cofounder of VOZDUKH Center.
    Accredited trainer (Center of Playback Theater New York), performer, human rights activist, Vice President of International Playback Theater Network, organizer of projects in the social sphere and theater in Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Europe, Lebanon, Palestine, Bangladesh, South Africa, Nigeria and the USA.
    Founder of one of the theories of Integrative Personal Performance and modern theater.

  • Olya Sanachina
    Cofounder of VOZDUKH Center.
    Higher education, Moscow State Pedagogical University (named after Lenin), social teacher, educational psychologist, psychodramatist (Institute for Group and Family Psychotherapy). Director of business performance for the development of corporate culture. Business coach, psychodramatist. Certified Playback Actress (East European and New York Schools), founder of the New Jazz Playback Theater, co-founder of the Central School of Playback Theater (affiliate Center of Playback Theater, NY).
  • Egor Utkin
    Cofounder of VOZDUKH Center.
    Performer, dancer of the jazz modern, contemporary.
    Founder of the international festival "Atmosphere of Dance", Moscow. Graduate of the international organization AIESEC, Russia.
    Organizer of the international performance project "Times of change" (Russia, USA, Hungary, Serbia, Switzerland, Netherlands).
    Creation and holding of workshops, performances and projects in Russia, the USA, Canada, India, Mexico, Ukraine, Israel, Turkey, Serbia, Kenya, South Africa.

  • Veronica Gurina
    Dancer, performer, teacher-choreographer, choreographer. She passed professional retraining under the program "Developing dance" at the Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis. Certified under the program "teacher of holistic dance" at the Institute of Holistic Dance (Austria). She studied contemporary dance in Belgium (Ultima vez) and Israel (Batsheva Dance Company)

- 15-30 minutes lesson in recorded video format
- homework / interesting exercises
- exciting bonuses in the form of films, books, music, articles

Body warming up |
here and now mood | qigong yoga
simple dance practice |
variation of movements
the use of the studied technique when working with image / sensations / emotions / stories
dance improvisation
thoughts | sensations | reflection
group review | curator response | photo | video
Participant reviews
  • I am so grateful to the Vozdukh crew for safely, gently and compassionately leading us into these mysterious territories.
    Jennie Kristel
    US, Massachusetts
  • This is just a bomb. Every morning activity invigorates me for the whole day. I am beginning to feel better my body, live my condition, feel mine here and now. And yes, now, during the total isolation, it is very important - to feel in contact with life itself, to be cleansed of the stream of fear, anxiety of uncertainty. All this helps to make the Air Center online course, wonderful trainers Nastya, Olya, Nika and Yegor support me all the way, daily videos create the feeling of their live presence, homework amuses and helps make your daily everyday life a personal creative performance.
    Russia, Ekaterinburg
  • Omg this is such a perfect companion for me right now- this course, your my friends and teachers, and all those new friends!
    I dance after work to help me ground myself back into my body as I work all day on my laptop.
    Thank you so so much for bringing this to my life RIGHT NOW.
    My 2 min dance was so strong and it was telling my journey. So grateful for the amazing lesson and easiness to follow and then product such a meaningful expression.
    Max Masure
    US, NYC
  • I really like the presentation of the material: 20 minute thematic video clips built on 90% of practice.
    And the exercises are adapted for minimal physical preparation, which makes it possible to be present in the moment.
    Paying maximum attention to the process and not hang on the technical points in the performance.
    Everything is designed for safe research, living, feeling yourself and your body.🙏
    Of course, there are homework, but they can be done really high 😍
    Also, bonuses from the organizers are very pleasant 😉
    And after classes a positive attitude is always guaranteed! 🤗
    And this is at least a guarantee of good immunity! 😉
to the program
Curated presentations of books to inspire and films to motivate | featured styles of movement and dance, including Butoh & 5 Rhythms
Emotional intelligence,
transforming through creative methods
into an everyday habit, allows life to be fulfilling,
without personal and professional burnout
The most popular questions from our students
Do I need a special physical form for classes?
The exercises on which all classes are based do not require any special physical preparation. Everything is arranged in such a way that everyone enjoys and learns something new.
How is the lesson built?
The average structure of the lesson looks like this: warming up the body, setting up for the lesson. Learning technology (dance, improvisation), shifting technology to work with emotion. Then comes the performative part, where we study the body language, work with the image, improvise.
It ends with a reflection of experience and small homework
Will I be able to take these classes at home?
Yes, the program provides for movement and dance in a limited space of 2 by 2 meters. Installation video allows you to prepare yourself, technology and the space around you
I have never danced. And if I can't do it?
One of the principles of the School is that there is no right or wrong movement. Each participant is unique, each has its own movement, capabilities. We are creating a platform where everyone can realize himself as he wants.
I am a layman with technology. Am I sure I can handle all the settings?
The training is built on the getcourse platform, all the videos and tasks will be there. The platform works with a phone, laptop, tablet.
You can use a smartphone with headphones. Or a laptop with or without a speaker.
If necessary, our coordinator will answer all questions and help you =)