combines modern plastic theater, a body mastering school, and exclusive projects for businesses.

*Vozdukh means Air in russian
is engaged in the development of emotional intelligence using an author's method, based on a synthesis of modern art, dance and performance.

It helps to live through various emotions: from anger and sadness to joy and happiness. Awakens the desire to change something in yourself, to consciously relate to your body and to the world around.

VOZDUKH Center helps people change, look at what is happening with different eyes, reveal and accept their true self.
VOZDUKH Center's Directions
Creative space Allows the student to travel from his own head to the sensations of the body, to feel every vertebra and every muscle, establish a connection with himself and speak in the language of his body.
Carrying out creative immersions in an atmosphere of trust and inner growth
An International Touring Performance Theater with an Individual Program
About us
8 years of experience
Over the 8 years of the Center's existence, we have found the most valuable solutions that work
Designed VOZDUKH Method
This is a method of movement and plastic performance
The trust of school students, spectators, business clients
More than 9 thousand participants of our programs, courses, performances
Workshops in 19 countries
We conducted workshops and performances in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Switzerland, South Africa, India and other countries
Team of professionals
Trainers, directors, performers, musicians, psychologists, business practices
Trust atmosphere
Principles about taking care of yourself and others
Be a part of Present Arising

For us, the present arising is a process in which one reaches his true self. A person now may honestly and sincerely meets himself with all thoughts and emotions, to connect to his body authentically.
Furthermore, the present arising is also the moment when one registers himself at a precise moment of time in a given environment. It is contained within the present moment so that his brain does not carry him off to the past by analyzing experience and events; or to the future by considering and making plans. The present arising invites him to feel the unity of body and consciousness.
Our partners and friends
Over the 8 years of the project's existence,
we have made more than 150 events together with friends and partners
Founders of VOZDUKH Center
  • Egor Utkin
    Co-founder, CEO
    Expert in the field of international project management, creative industries. Professional dancer.
    Founder of the festival "Atmosphere of Dance". Graduate of the Swedish Institute (Stockholm), Creative Industries program, BalticLab.
    Push Physical Theatre, New York, USA, author's program July 2016.
    Participant in the performance program ICYC Leipzig 2016, Germany.
    Creator and organizer of workshops, performances and projects in Russia, USA, Canada, India, Mexico, Ukraine, Israel, Turkey, Serbia, Ukraine, Turkey, Kenya, South Africa.

  • Olga Sanachina
    Co-founder, creative director
    Performer, director. Accredited trainer in playback theater (Playback Center, New York), playback actress and co-founder of the playback theater "New Jazz", psychodramatist, graduate of acting and directing courses at the Polish Theater in Moscow, PYR FYR Performance School. Board member and coach of the Central Playback Theater School (Russia). Conducts playback theater workshops and long-term training programs in Europe, Canada, Africa, India and various Russian cities. Formerly a business coach, head of the coaching team at the Runa Consulting Group.


  • Anastasiya Vorobyova
    Co-founder, director of training and international relations
    Vice President of IPTN, International Playback Theater Society.
    Accredited trainer (Centre of Playback Theater New York), performer, human rights activist, organizer of projects in the social sphere and theater in Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Europe, Lebanon, Bangladesh, South Africa, Nigeria and the USA.
    Founder of one of the theories of integrative personal performance and modern theater.


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