Creative space
Allows the student to travel from his own head to the sensations of the body, to feel every vertebra and every muscle, establish a connection with himself and speak in the language of his body.

In the classroom, we use the VOZDUKH Approach, which includes contact improvisation techniques, jumping, falling, using dancing ground, attention to the impulses that arise in the body and the ability to release them out.
School structure of Vozdukh School sets
1. Warm up
Body warming up | attitude: here and now | "tuning up" with participants
2. Training
Fitness and Pilates exercises |
basic workout elements
3. Technique
base stall | jumping | falling down| swinging | dance phrases
4. Break
5. Image + technique
Using of the learned technique when working with image / sensations / emotions / stories
6. Performance
dance improvisation | feedback from participants
School trainers
  • Egor Utkin
    Performer, dancer of the trends jazz modern, contemporary.
    Founder of the international festival "Atmosphere of Dance", Moscow. Graduate of the international organization AIESEC, Russia.
    Creation and holding of workshops, performances and projects in Russia, the USA, Canada, India, Mexico, Ukraine, Israel, Turkey, Serbia, Kenya, South Africa.
  • Veronica Gurina
    Dancer, performer, teacher-choreographer, choreographer. She passed professional retraining under the program "Developing dance" at the Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis. Certified under the program "teacher of holistic dance" at the Institute of Holistic Dance (Austria). She studied contemporary dance in Belgium (Ultima vez) and Israel (Batsheva Dance Company)
  • Nastya Vorobyova
    Accredited trainer (Center of Playback Theater New York), performer, human rights activist, social and theater project organizer in Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Europe, Lebanon, Bangladesh, South Africa, Nigeria and the USA.
    Founder of one of the theories of Integrative Personal Performance and modern theater.
School objectives
Learning techniques
We study dance ground techniques, explaining work with the center, weight and balance, which opens up new possibilities and expands the palette in improvisation
Learning Performance
We study the work with rhythms and space, the appearance of an impulse in the body and the ability to translate it into motion, we work with image and meaning
Improvisation practice
We go through the components and rituals of motor improvisation
Workshop for playback community
Theme The New Breath in Playback Theatre: Creating a Universal Language
The workshop will explore a deeper understanding and practice of physical embodiment, a universal language, within Playback Theatre to break borders between citizens of the world.
Learn how to capture the essence of the story and transform it through movement, creating metaphors in the body.
Through physical exercises and exploration, we will develop the actor's presence, authenticity and your capacity within an ensemble.
Playing with the body as a physical and artistic instrument is a powerful way to take your practice to the next level in exploration.
Workshop at the European Playback Theatre Gathering of 2017
[Review on VOZDUKH workshop] Sarah Urech, the US
Participant reviews

  • Classes in "VOZDUKH School"... they are not only about the body. They are about some other reality that you suddenly discover. And there ... Space.
    Galina Bulanko
    Therapist, private practice
  • Nowhere else have I met such a concentration of interesting, deep, subtle, beautiful, fragile, creatively honest, strong, inspiring, open, real!
    Anna Woolysh
  • On the project, I found out that there are no wrong movements; I learned to hear my impulses, not to suppress them, but to explore and follow them.
    Alexandra Vereshchagina
    Customer Service Specialist, Abbott
  • The farther, the easier it was for me to plunge into a new world for me. The project, at least, introduces you to you. It turns out that we don't know much about ourselves.
    Lidia Shimanovskaya
    Teaching Assistant, Addeco
Any questions?
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The most popular questions from our customers
Is there enough room?
Of course! The hall area on the is usually big enough. And this incredible space with panoramic windows develops the creative thinking even more =)
What does one class consist of? 3 hours - sounds like a nightmare
The structure of an average class is as follows: body warm-up (yoga, qigong), learning dance technique, technique transposition - for further work with the image. Then a break, followed with the performative part, where we study the body language, work with the image and improvise.
How many people are in the group?
From 12 to 15 people.
I have never danced. What if I can't do it?
One of the principles of the School: there is no right or wrong movement. Each participant is unique, each has its own ways of moving and abilities. We are creating a platform where everyone can fulfill himself the way he deems right.
The main principles of the school:
  • Surprise yourself
    Like a child who experiences the world, having no prejudices and dogmas imposed by society.
  • Stop seeking for the right movement
    Act without assessing yourself and the others around you, without allowing the rational mind to intervene.
  • Be authentic
    Do not try to please anyone, do not try to be unique. Each person is unique, and that must be taken for granted.
  • Enjoy it
    Any action, any task should please and allow you to develop. If you are not ready for this or you do not find any pleasure for yourself here, feel completely free to look for something else.
  • Take care of yourself and others
    Both physically and emotionally
  • Be a part of Present Arising
    This is the mission of the VOZDUKH Center. And we invite participants to also try to be in the moment. And also to be sincere and genuine.
  • Our contacts
    Co-founder of VOZDUKH Center:
    Nastya Vorobyova
    +7 916 027-61-15