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VOZDUKH Center mission

to the birth of now

A unique project for the market that combines a modern plastic theater, a body work school and exclusive business cases.
Thanks to the synthesis of these trends, a performance is born that connects art and society. This unique experience allows a person to feel in the present moment and to see himself present in movement and expression.
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Performance, Theater
International touring theater with an individual performance programs. Where the VOZDUKH Center troupe participates and interacting with the audience.
Creative space that allows the student to travel from his own head to the sensation of the body, feel every vertebra and every muscle, find a connection with himself and speak in body language.
Business performance
Directed immersion beyond roles through the integration of art methods and business training

Our partners and friends

For us belonging to the birth of now -

is a process in which a person acquires the true self. Person honestly and sincerely accepts himself or herself with all own thoughts and emotions, and also truly feels his body.

But still the birth of the now is the moment when a person fixes himself at a given second of time in a given space. Right now, the brain does not lead him into the past, analyzing experience and events, or in the future, thinking about and making plans. Man feels the unity of body and consciousness.

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