You will learn:
Dance techniques
Learning different modern dance techniques by distinguishing concepts of balance, weight and center will open new possibilities and expand the playground for improvisation.
Exploring how to work with rhythm and space, how to transform arising impulse/momentum into movement, how to express a message/an idea through symbolic representation.
Discovering particles and rituals of movement improvisation.
Class structure:
1. Warm-up and Training
Warm-up stretches / Grounding yourself in the present moment/ Class attunement/ Fitness and pilates exercises/ Basic elements of workout routines.
2. Techniques
Floor work /Jumps / Falls / Swings / Linking movements
3. Break
Little break to rest and connect with classmates
4. Performance
Translating learned techniques into working with ideas/ symbols / sensations / emotions / stories. Movement improvisation. Feedback
Ula Vayner
The program leader
Ula Vayner has been studying movement for the last decade.
She teaches yoga at several studios in Houston and works as a massage therapist.

While spending the past year in Russia, she discovered Vozdukh (which means 'Air' in Russian) and decided to bring it with her to Houston.

Her vision is that every person is moved, touched and inspired to feel free in their bodies.
You will experience your own transformation
Workshop at the European Playback Theatre Gathering of 2017
[Review on VOZDUKH workshop] Sarah Urech, the US
Class reviews
While being in the program, I learned that there is no "wrong" movement. I learned to listen to my body's impulses, to not suppress them, but to explore and follow them

Classes in "VOZDUKH School"... they are not only about the body. They are about some other reality that you suddenly discover. And there ... Space.
Galina Bulanko
Therapist, private practice
Nowhere else have I met such a concentration of interesting, deep, subtle, beautiful, fragile, creatively honest, strong, inspiring, open, real!
Anna Woolysh
On the project, I found out that there are no wrong movements; I learned to hear my impulses, not to suppress them, but to explore and follow them.
Alexandra Vereshchagina
Customer Service Specialist, Abbott
The farther, the easier it was for me to plunge into a new world for me. The project, at least, introduces you to you. It turns out that we don't know much about ourselves.
Lidia Shimanovskaya
Teaching Assistant, Addeco


September, 25th -
November 13th
1- 4 pm

The length is 8 weeks, once a week, every Sunday for three hours from 1 to 4 pm.

Yoga Better Studio

2000 Edwards Street #309 Houston, TX 77007

40$ per one class (3 h)

300$ if you pay for the whole course (8 sessions)
The Discovery Course Enrollment Form
The cost is 300$ for 8 classes or 40$ per a class
(Drop-ins are allowed per leader's approval)
The most popular questions from our customers
What is a class structure? Isn't 3 hours too long?
Time will fly😊) There will be a short warm up (yoga, qi gong), the introduction of some dance techniques, and their implementation into the creative process. After a little break there will be a performative part where we explore the body language and improvise!
How many people are in a class?
15 max
I've never danced before. Will I survive?!
There are no right or wrong moves. Everybody is unique, has their own moving style and abilities. You will get through for sure! Our goal is to create a space where you can express yourself in any possible way you like.
The main principles of the school:
Surprise yourself
As if you were a child discovering a world with no prejudice and social dogmas.
There is no "right" movement
Act without judging yourself or others. Keep the rational thinking brain at home.
Be authentic
Don't try to look good, don't try to be unique. Every person is special. Just embrace it!
Our intention is that every action brings joy and allows for growth.
Be mindful
Take care of yourself and others both physically and emotionally.
Participate in the Present Moment Arising
This is the mission of VOZDUKH Center. We are inviting everyone to be present, genuine, and authentic.
Contact us
Program coordinator:
Ula Vayner
Yoga Better Studio
2000 Edwards Street #309 Houston, TX 77007